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Palapas brings the ambiance of tropical Mexico to the Monterey Bay area in a very unique way. In addition to featuring authentic traditional dishes of Mexico, our menu offers the fish, shellfish and sauces of the coasts of both Mexico and California.

Appetizers and Salads
Seafood Specialties
House Dishes and Combination Plates
Platters and Taqueria
Vegetarian and Ala Carte
North American
Lunch Specials

All of our dishes are prepared “A La Cocina Fresca”- “in the fresh kitchen method” a Spanish phrase that means exactly what it implies… freshly made sauces, handmade corn tortillas and fresh local seafood and produce prepared daily.

In addition to creating a menu with many exiting choices, we’re committed to offering our customers healthy dishes with absolutely no use of any lard or animal fat in their preparation.

We use rice-bran oil specifically for frying. Contains no trans fat!

Palapas shirts available for sale.